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Glass Effect Info area

Maximum possible perfomance
We completely overthink how assets are working in wordpress
and added unique system for asset loading
Only 2kb required

This is not a joke. Theme uses only 2kb required assets, all other are generated on fly accordingly to blocks on page

No dependencies

No jquery, no font, no icon libraries. Everything is custom made to have best perfomance.

Smart loaders

For special blocks, like Lottie, theme has special interaction loaders, so it doesn’t affect speed of page


First Contentful Paint
0.3 s
Speed Index
1.2 s
Largest Contentful Paint
1.2 s

You don’t need to worry about theme assets to make them optimized. Theme has optimized assets as much as possible. We also provided special Greenshift plugin, use it instead wordpress core blocks if you want to have maximum perfomance

Speed grade
Speed grade
Speed grade